Why Is The Sixers Defense This Bad? (PST Show #374)

This week, we took a deep dive into what we’re seeing on the court from the Philadelphia 76’ers as they and we begin looking toward the playoffs. There are still a ton of questions surrounding this team. Tom West, Associate Editor at LibertyBallers.com, joined us to discuss the ups and downs as we all hope this team, with a great deal of talent, can get it together.

But first, we gave our thoughts on Carson Wentz as it pertains to the turnovers in his career. Will he be able to improve this aspect of his game this season? (approx. 6:05)

Then we dove into some Flyers talk as the season has resumed. Travis Sanheim and Phil Myers have been a dynamic duo, and Carter Hart has been nothing short of impressive in front of the net. (approx. 11:55)

We then discussed how terrible the Phillies bullpen has been early on in the season. Is there any true hope? (approx. 20:05)

On the Highbrow Segment this week, we gave our thoughts on the fact that gambling in sports and the NFL in particular isn’t going anywhere. Amy Trask, former CEO of the Raiders, recently wrote an op-ed talking about league-wide concerns about and evolution of gambling over many years, which has led us to where we are at today. Should we have concerns that gambling may erode the “integrity” of sports? (approx. 24:40)


This on the Lowbrow Segment, we’ve got a brand new top-3 list as we’re getting into the 8th month of the year: the top-3 best athletes to ever wear the No. 8 jersey. (approx. 32:45)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an in-depth interview with Tom West from Liberty Ballers as we discussed the future of this Sixers team. First, we touched on the job the NBA has done in terms of the bubble and safety of the players, coaches and staff. From there, Tom gave us his one-word to describe the Sixers at this point in the season. We then discussed how awful the defense has been at this point, and corrections the team needs to make moving forward. How has Ben Simmons at the elbow helped from an offensive perspective? What does Tobias Harris’ consistency mean for the future? All of this and much more this week on the Table! (approx. 42:25)

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