By Sally Fahey

The Sixers are signing free agent and future Hall of Fame center Dwight Howard, who is leaving the NBA champ Los Angeles Lakers.

Why did he choose Philly?

It appears he made that decision in order to get more playing time.

After years of being dogged with a negative reputation, Howard played a pivotal role off the bench for the reigning NBA champs by boxing out, rebounding, protecting the rim and finishing strong in the paint.


However, he played just 18.9 minutes a game this past season, which was a career-low.

It’s an open question as to whether Howard will actually get more minutes with the Sixers. The team possesses Joel Embiid, a superstar center who saw the court for 29.5 minutes a game in the 2019-20 campaign.

On the other hand, Embiid is injury prone, and should he get hurt again this coming season, the Sixers will have to count on Howard more than the Lakers did.