By Tom Brennan

Ex-Eagles great safety Malcolm Jenkins was on ex-Eagle Chris Long’s Green Light podcast yesterday and the subject of Carson Wentz came up.

There’s a shock!

Long brought up what he feels is the mischaracterization of Wentz as a bad guy in the locker room:

“JENKINS: All of these things that have happened to him, it may be hard to overcome those things in Philly, but now that he’s somewhere else, those lessons are going to be things that he will learn from and lean on and make him a better leader, especially the locker room stuff. Because like you’ve said, he’s not a locker room cancer. We played with him, and that’s not it. 


“LONG: You want him to reach out more.

“JENKINS: Yeah, what teams want from their quarterback, and what teams want from their leaders, that’s something I think he’s had to grow with.


“LONG: This has existed as this extreme conversation when, he’s got things to fix, but I don’t remember ever thinking, ‘What an a**hole.’”

“JENKINS: Nah. Nah. Never.”