The Growth Of The Sixers (PST Show #247)

Even thought we’re still coming off an Eagles Super Bowl victory, there’s still so much to discuss in the world of Philly sports! This week, we dove into the growth of the Sixers with Bret Stuter (@milroyigglesfan), writer and contributor from It was a great interview any Philadelphia 76’ers fan shouldn’t miss.
But first, on the Brief News & Views segment:
1. Reflecting on the Eagles Super Bowl win. (5:00)
2. A MLB “tank tax,” and Mark Appel has left baseball. (21:00)
3. The ups and downs of Flyers goalie Brian Elliott. (29:00)
Then we get into our Up or Down segment where we briefly analyze Philly sports figures to determine if their needle is moving up or down. (35:15)
What we’re throwing down on the Table is an interview and analytical discussion with Bret Stuter from The Sixer Sense website. As Bret follows and writes about this 76’ers team, we wanted to get his take on whether or not J.J. Redick will be back in a Sixers uniform after this season. How can the Sixers limit what seems to be an endless amount of turnovers game after game? We also discussed at length the Markelle Fultz saga, what kind of player he was at Washington and how that will translate to his play in the NBA once he’s on the court. We also got into Ben Simmons being snubbed during the All-Star selections and what’s been happening with Joel Embiid’s defense as of late. Plus much more this week on the Table!
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