The Eagles Continue To Rise (PST Show #237)

The Eagles continue to rise as they remain at the top of the NFL with a record of 9-1 and are the presumptive favorites to head to the Super Bowl after week 11. On this week’s show, we brought on Benjamin Solak (@BenjaminSolak) from the Locked On Eagles podcast, and NDT Scouting to discuss the Birds’ meteoric rise and what the future holds for this dominant team.
But first on the Brief News & Views segment:
1. The Sixers just can’t seem to finish games. (7:10)
2. Flyers Talk: the impact of Gudas’ suspension, outdoor hockey scheduled for 2019 in Philly. (15:35)
3. Phillies Talk: front office moves, DFAs and should Carlos Santana. (26:40)
Then we get into our Up or Down segment where we briefly analyze Philly sports personalities to determine if their needle is moving up or down. (36:00)
What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an interview and in-depth discussion with Benjamin Solak about the not only the current state of this 9-1 Eagles team, but also how the future looks in terms of the roster. We first get into the Eagles defense and how Ronald Darby’s play this past week was stellar after coming back from an injury. Will he continue to grow in his role? The linebacker corps was another topic we dove into since there’s much uncertainly based on injuries, talent and possible free agency. The offensive line has been steadfast in the Eagles run and pass blocking schemes this season and we talked about how much more we can expect from this crew. Are there any weaknesses on the offense that can be exploited by teams in the future? Also, who do the Eagles need to re-sign next to a long-term contract? All of these topics and much more this wee on the Table. (41:55)


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