The Development Of The Sixers (PST Show #286)

The Philadelphia 76’ers are currently fourth in the Eastern Conference. Some have said, it’s been a sluggish and even unimpressive start of the season for the Sixers. We’re going to get into a discussion about this team with Justin Carter, writer and contributor at and NBA editor at What does this team need to do to progress and contend this season? We dove into the development of the Sixers this week.
But first, on the Brief News & Views segment:
1. Eagles Talk: tons of salary on IR, PUP & NFI, Tate refused to sign long-term with the Lions, special teams, and predictions for this week’s Cowboys game. (5:40)
2. What has happened to Dario Saric? (17:05)
3. Penn State’s future after a disappointing season. (23:00)
4. The Flyers defense has been bad, but it’s getting better. (28:50)
Then we got into our Up or Down segment where we briefly analyze Philly sports figures to determine if their needle is moving up or down. (34:40)
What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an interview with Justin Carter from Liberty Ballers to discuss this Sixers team and their future. It’s Justin’s first time on the show, and we immediate asked him this thoughts on fans who believe this season is already a lost cause. From there, we dove into the reasons why the Sixers have so much trouble away from the Wells Fargo Center, and if they regret trading Mikal Bridges during the 2018 NBA Draft. How can this team develop from a defensive standpoint and mitigate turnovers? And finally, we asked Justin about how long a leash Brett Brown has as the head coach of this team. All of this and much more on the Table this week! (38:40)


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