The Debacle Of The NFC East (PST Show #389)

The NFC East is awful, historically horrific. Yet it’s intriguing to dissect which team may actually win the division this season. R.J. Ochoa from joined us this week to talk about this debacle that is the NFC East.

But first, we discussed the NBA and Sixers draft, the trading of Al Horford and how Daryl Morey isn’t screwing around. (approx. 3:30)

Next, we talked about which Eagles coach is likely to be on the chopping block first as we’re already looking toward the offseason. (approx. 14:25)

This week on the Highbrow Segment, will the Phillies search for their next General Manager, who will usher in a new era of baseball, be a difficult task? It’s not out of the question that finding the person who actually wants the job might be somewhat of an issue. (Approx. 24:05)


On our Lowbrow Segment this week, we’re doing “Cohost Questions.” (Approx. 31:20)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is a great, in-depth interview with R.J. Ochoa from about how terrible of a division the NFC East is. Why are these teams so bad when there’s talent on each and every team? Does this Cowboys fan have any optimism for the Dallas defense? What will it take for each team to win the NFC East? All of this and much more! (Approx. 43:25)

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