The Best Of PST 2017

The end of 2017 is here, and 2018 is right around the corner! Every year we bring you our BEST OF PST podcast as the calendar year ends. This year is no different. This week’s show features clips from throughout the year, interesting conversations and banter about our favorite Philly teams and what we were saying, thinking and feeling at that moment. Included this week are some outtakes from us as well (2:45). Here’s a synopsis of the topics and clips on this year’s BEST OF PST show.
1. The one Philly sports figure we wished had lasted a bit longer. (9:05)
2. The Eagles running back situation in March. (15:05)
3. The Brian Propp interview from our 200th Anniversary show. (21:35)
4. Discussion about whether or not Vincent Velazquez might be the Phillies closer in the future. (31:00)
5. Thoughts after the Sixers draft. (35:10)
6. The Eagles trade Jordan Matthews for Ronald Darby. (47:55)
7. The Flyers begin their season starting out hot. (56:20)
8. An 8-1 Eagles team coming into their own. (1:04:20)
We appreciate all of our long-time and new listeners, and hope you enjoy this show that wraps up the 2017 year!


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