Tanking To The Top (PST Show #357)

This week, we took a look back throughout the Philadelphia 76’ers tank job that lead to one of the most audacious rebuilds in modern sports history. Yaron Weitzman, author of “Tanking To The Top”, as well as a writer and contributor at Bleacher Report, joined us to talk about his new book, and how the Sixers embarked on the most incredible tanking process in the history of professional sports. It’s an awesome interview you won’t want to miss!

But first, we talked about the prospects of Major League Baseball playing games in empty stadiums out in Arizona. Is this actually feasible? (approx. 3:30)

From there, we discussed how the NFL Draft is now going to be a virtual experience for fans and for those players being drafted. We also discussed Jeffrey Lurie’s initiative, giving $1 million to Penn Medicine to combat COVID-19. (approx. 12:15)

We then talked about the new Basketball Hall of Fame inductees who were just announced this past week. (approx. 24:40)

This week on the Highbrow Segment, in honor of the upcoming NFL Draft and where the NFL has gone over the decades, we took a look at former NFL Commission Pete Rozelle’s life and his contributions to American football. (approx. 33:30)


On the Lowbrow Segment, we dished out a list of 3 frustrating moments in Philly sports history as fans. (approx. 42:25)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an in-depth interview with Yaron Weitzman from Bleacher report and the author of “Tanking To The Top.” First, we asked Yaron why he wanted to write this book in the first place. From there, we talked about how difficult it was to get individuals to talk on the record about The Process. We also asked Yaron about the critical draft when the Sixers took Jahlil Okafor, and what that meant to The Process from an asset building standpoint. Once the Sixers missed out on acquiring Kevin Durant in the mid-2000s, should the Sixers have started The Process at that point? How much respect does Brett Brown actually carry? All of this and much more this week on the Table! (approx. 1:08:35)

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