TABLE TALK: Where Do The Eagles Go From Here?

This week on TABLE TALK, James Seltzer (@JamesSeltzer), one of the hosts of the BGN Radio podcast, joined Jeff for a look at the what this Eagles team has accomplished during this season, and where they’re heading in the future.. Is it Doug Pederson, Jim Schwartz or Carson Wentz who is the main reason we, as fans, are seeing so much success and dominance from this 8-1 team? We discussed how the cornerback position has evolved over this season and how the return of Ronald Darby may alter the scope of the secondary. What free agents have been most important and contributed to helping put this Eagles team over the top? We get into all of this and much more this week on TABLE TALK. If you’re a huge football and Eagles fan, this is definitely a show and interview you won’t want to miss!


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