TABLE TALK: How Will We Remember The 2018 Phillies

This week on TABLE TALK, Justin Klugh (@justin_klugh), co-host of The Dirty Inning podcast, Assistant Editor of and contributor at Baseball Prospectus, joined Jeff for an in-depth conversation about how we’ll remember this 2018 Phillies team. This season has been a rollercoaster of great and awful baseball being played by the Phils. They have provided the fan base with hope and optimism as well as doubt and utter anger at times. As the season closes in the near future, what will their legacy be?  How will we remember the 2018 Phillies?
Topics of discussion the guys got into:
– Where has the fire and drive gone with this team since the first half of the season?
– Is Gabe Kapler to blame for the mess we’ve recently witnessed?
– Cesar Hernandez’s struggles this season at the plate.
– Do we really want the Phils to get to the postseason?
Plus, the guys discuss how this Phillies roster is a young team and how that has added to the current frustration with the fan base. If you’re a baseball and Phillies fan, this is definitely a show and interview you won’t want to miss!

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