TABLE TALK: Flyers GM History

This week on TABLE TALK, Matthew DiBiase, author of the book, “The Art of the Dealers: The NHL’s Greatest General Managers,” joined Jeff for a discussion about the history of the Flyers general managers. When talking about the Flyers GM history, of course we began the conversation about arguably the greatest of all time, Keith Allen, and how he was an innovator and pioneer for much of what we see today with hockey analytics. From there, we dove into Bobby Clarke’s tenure as GM and whether or not it’s a true benefit for teams’ front offices to hire former hockey players as the top guy. Paul Holmgren was certain a GM we discussed in detail, which was very interesting. Lastly, Matthew gave his perspective on how Ron Hextall faring as the current Flyers GM. Should Flyers Nation continue to be patient with Hextall? If you’re a huge Flyers and Flyers history fan, this is definitely a show and interview you won’t want to miss!


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