TABLE TALK: Fantasy Football Is Almost Here!

This week on TABLE TALK, Chris Moore (@CMorSleeperwire), host at the Sleeperwire podcast, joined Jeff for some in-depth discussion about the coming fantasy football season. Back in 2016 it was all about the running backs. 2017 was all about the wide receivers. We dive into what to expect this coming season in the world of fantasy football.
Topics of discussion the guys got into:
– Might it be safe to take a top-3 wide receiver with a top-3 pick in the draft instead of the running backs on the board?
– The “zero running back” strategy.
– Weaker and stronger NFL divisions.
– Who are some sleepers in this year’s fantasy football draft?
We also briefly got away from fantasy football and dove into the NL East division as Chris is an Atlanta Braves fan. If you’re a huge fantasy football fan, this is definitely a show and interview you won’t want to miss!


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