TABLE TALK: Eagles QB Evaluations

TABLE TALK: Eagles QB Evaluations

The TABLE TALK interview show is back here at The Philadelphia Sports Table podcast platform! This week on TABLE TALK, our friend of the show, Mark Schofield, writer and contributor at,,,, and the host of the Locked on Patriots podcast, joined Jeff for at the Eagles quarterbacks during this offsesason. There has been much discussion about Carson Wentz, and yes even Nate Sudfeld, and what kind of quarterbacks they’ll be in 2019 and beyond.

Topics of discussion the guys got into:

* Why Carson Wentz is a better quarterback than Nick Foles?* What does the Wentz ceiling look like in 2019?* Should Wentz’s sack percentage be a concern?* What kind of backup quarterback is Nate Sudfeld?

We also whether or not the NY Giants may draft quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and what that means for the NFC East moving forward. If you’re a die hard Eagles and football fan, this is definitely a show and interview you won’t want to miss!

With that being said, the TABLE TALK interview show will be moving to our new Philadelphia Sports Table Patreon platform from here on out at For $5 a month, approximately the cost of a cup of coffee, subscribers will have access to the TABLE TALK interview shows on a weekly basis where Jeff will be diving deep not only into the world of Philly sports, but I’ll be interviewing guests and getting into sports stories outside of the Philly sports world. We’ll also be talking about sports culture, what’s happening within the four major sports leagues, and overall the sports world in general. There are a lot of great topics we’ll be discussing on TABLE TALK.


Not only will subscribers get the TABLE TALK interview shows weekly, but the guys will also be including at least, if not even more, two other podcasts per month where Jeff and Erik (maybe sometimes Len due to his work schedule) will be talking about sports, Philly sports, but also other random topics as well. We hope you’ll join us at our Philadelphia Sports Table Patreon platform at

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