TABLE TALK: Eagles Analysis & Playoff Talk

This week on TABLE TALK, Jeff Kerr (@JeffKerr247), writer and contributor at CBS Sports and 247 Sports, joined Jeff this week for some reflections after the Eagles loss to the Seahawks and how the playoffs may shake itself out in the coming weeks in the NFC. There’s at ton of Eagles analysis on this week’s show to get into. First, a look at the game in Seattle. Did Doug Pederson call a terrible game, and is he to blame for the loss? Were the Eagles truly that bad as the score seemed to say after only putting up ten points? And how should we be viewing Carson Wentz and the defense that has been dominant up to this point after this tough loss? Also, we dove into the remainder of the Eagles schedule, likely playoff scenarios and expectations for this team on offense and defense. If you’re a huge Eagles, NFL and football fan, this is definitely a show and interview you won’t want to miss!


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