TABLE TALK: College Football Prospects

This week on TABLE TALK, Jeff Feyerer (@jeff_feyerer), host of the PylonU podcast, writer at and contributor at College Football News, joined Jeff this week for a look at college football prospects who will likely be making their way to the NFL Draft next year. Even though the college football season is not quite finished, it’s certainly not too early to begin discussing these players and their future impact. First, we discussed the top quarterback prospects and from there dove into the running back position. While the quarterback class this year isn’t spectacular, there are a few names for us to keep our eyes on. The running backs – there are plenty when it comes to raw talent. The two Jeffs also discussed offensive linemen that the Eagles may want to look at should they decide to go that direction in the first-round in 2018. We also discussed pass rushers and defensive ends that could make a real difference in the NFL. If you’re a huge NCAA and NFL and football fan, this is definitely a show and interview you won’t want to miss!


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