Super Bowl LII Preview (PST Show #246)

The time is almost upon us where the Philadelphia Eagles will face the New England Patriots to determine who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy after this Sunday’s game. This week, it’s our Super Bowl LII preview where we give our thoughts and takes on what this Eagles team will need to do to bring that Lombardi Trophy down Broad Street.
But first, on the Brief News & Views segment:
1. Michigan State, Mark Emmert and the incompetence of the NCAA. (5:40)
2. Alex Smith heads to Washington in a trade. (15:00)
3. Upgrades to Citizens Bank Park. (22:18)
4. The Sixers may look to acquire Tyreke Evans in a trade. (26:40)
5. Our thoughts on the best move made by the Eagles front office in the offseason. (31:30)
And then what we’re throwing down on the Table this week is our Super Bowl LII preview! We first discuss how some of our listeners and ourselves became Eagles fans at a young age. From there, we went unit by unit on this Eagles team, diving into what each will need to do for this team to win on Sunday. We started with the offense and then transitioned to the defense. Finally, we gave our Super Bowl score predictions. It’s a great show you won’t want to miss! (38:00)

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