Scouting For The NFL Draft (PST Show #406)

The NFL Draft will be here before we know it, and the Eagles have some interesting decisions to make – as do 31 other NFL teams. This week, Matt Waldman, creator of The Rookie Scouting Portfolio, joined us for a deep dive into scouting, the data he produces, and how it all translates into how NFL teams may draft at the end of April. It was a fantastic and one of our most in-depth interviews ever.But first, we got into some listener feedback about how NCAA men’s basketball can become more appealing in the future. (approx. 5:55)We then dove into how incredible the start of this Phillies season has been. Six games and the team is 5-1 with a bullpen that’s producing! (approx. 10:15)From there, we gave our thoughts and concerns about Ben Simmons and his lack of offensive productivity since the All-Star game. Should we be worried? (approx. 19:20)This week on our Highbrow Segment, there has been controversy, once again, with the NCAA. This time, it has been brought to light how women’s college basketball just doesn’t get the same treatment as men’s basketball. This week we’re asking the question, why can’t the NCAA get women’s basketball right? (approx. 27:55)On our Lowbrow Segment this week, we’ve got a brand new list for you: three of the worst corporate stadium or arena names in America. (approx. 38:45)What we’re throwing down on the Table is an incredibly in-depth interview with Matt Waldman who has been the longtime creator of The Rookie Scouting Portfolio – a data machine! What led Matt to start generating The Rookie Scouting Portfolio years ago? The importance of after-contact and contact-avoidance data on running backs this year. Zach Wilson is over-valued and probably shouldn’t be drafted as high as No. 2 overall. Developmental wide receiver talent for the Eagles on day-2 or day-3. All of this and a lot more this week on the Table! (approx. 57:40)


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