PST SPECIAL: 2018 Sixers Draft Preview

Our 2018 Sixers Draft preview is here as we await what the Philadelphia 76’ers will do with the No. 10 overall pick this Thursday night.
After the Colangelo family mess, there is a lot of concern about how this front office will be operating with no true general manager figure at the helm. While many of us have loved Brett Brown on the court as head coach over the years, how will he operate as interim head of the front office, making decisions for this team that will have dramatic impact for years?
The guys also dove into the rumors of the Sixers moving up into the top-5, potentially making a deal with Memphis at No. 4 overall. What would that trade look like?
Since the Sixers have the most picks of any team in the NBA Draft, might they use their later picks to potentially move up into the No.16-20 area to draft some Three-and-D talent?
We get into all of this an much more on this 2018 Sixers Draft preview podcast show.


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