Popular Opinion and Winning Organically

Kyle and Russ discuss the nominees for Best Picture, Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin’s appearances with Joel Embiid and Michael Bennett (5:30), a preview of Crossing Broad Bowl (11:00), the Sixers’ imbalanced schedule (14:00), Ben Simmons vs. Jayson Tatum/Donovan Mitchell for ROY (15:00), Dario Saric (16:20), the Sixers’ chances of finishing third in the East (17:00), Ty Lue vs. LeBron James (18:30), Kyle’s disdain for “winning organically” (22:00), the fans’ emotional investment in young players (23:40), whether would LeBron make the Sixers the favorite to win a title (27:00), if LeBron would slow Ben Simmons’ development (31:20), if the Sixers would have negotiating leverage with LeBron (34:30), public backlash if LeBron leaves Philly (42:00), Paul George as a better long-term option (46:00), if Cleveland would have been better off without LeBron (53:00), the cap issues GM LeBron brought to the Cavs (54:45), winning a championship or being competitive for years (56:00), trading Fultz, Dario, and a lottery pick for an All-Star (1:02:00), and if a LeBron-led Sixers team could beat Golden State (1:04:00).


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