By Peter Gleason

There is a remor making its way around the bowels of the Internet that we feel compelled to report:

Nick Foles returning to the Eagles!

Let’s get serious: Foles started seven games for the Chicago Bears in 2020 and he was 2-5 with 10 TD’s and 8 interceptions.

When the Bears were rumored to be including the Birds’ Super Bowl MVP in a trade package for Carson Wentz that seemed like it might be true.

But now that Wentz is in Indy, that’s dead.

However, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler said Foles to Philly is still alive during an ESPN appearance yesterday:

“I wouldn’t take a Nick Foles-Philadelphia reunion off the table right now. Because a few weeks ago, when Chicago was looking to get Carson Wentz, they included Nick Foles in a potential package to Philadelphia.


“Now, Wentz ultimately went to Indianapolis. But those talks have been ongoing, they’re in place, all they would have to do this week is revive them.

“Philadelphia is looking for a high level backup, somebody to come in and support Jalen Hurts. Meanwhile, Chicago is just looking to dump some salary right now. They’re in some cap problems, Nick Foles carries a $6.6 [million] cap hit that they could get off their books. I eventually think he’ll be traded, Philadelphia is an option for him.”