By Jerry Wein

Former Eagles quarterback was a running and gunning performer who thrilled Birds fans for a couple of years.

Does he see a bit of himself in Jalen Hurts?

“I’m very close and for a lot of different reasons,” Vick said on FS1’s Undisputed.

“And because yesterday, that was just a smooth performance by Jalen Hurts. It was effortless. I thought he did all the right things in all the right key moments other than win the game. He didn’t turn it over and I certainly felt like he positioned himself.


“When you look at a guy like Jalen Hurts and his skillset and what he brings to the table, you automatically start thinking about the future, building around him and how the offense can potentially progress and what you can do in it. I know if I’m thinking that way, Doug Pederson has to be thinking the same.”