Latest Eagles' playoff odds and player props heading into Week 6

Let’s get the facts straight.

Through five weeks, the Eagles have exactly one win. Zach Ertz has exactly one touchdown catch. Carson Wentz has exactly nine interceptions. And the Eagles IR has exactly 13 players on it.

And yet, they’re one half game out of first place in the NFC East.

So, since it’s still too early to call it a wrap on the 2020 season, let’s take a look at the latest future odds and player props from, from postseason chances to award winners and season stats as we turn the page to the Eagles upcoming match up at home against the Ravens, a game in which the Birds are currently more than touchdown underdogs in.

Playoff chances

Really all you need to know for this section is that the NFC East is a combined 4-15-1. That ridiculous tie Doug Pederson settled for a few weeks ago, well, it actually might pay off.

After starting the week with +140 odds to win the division, the Eagles somehow lost (to the Steelers) while also gaining ground, according to oddsmakers. According to, BetRivers now has them at +120. That’s just about what their odds were before the season started. With Dak Prescott done for the year in Dallas and Washington and New York showing absolutely no signs of light whatsoever, could the Division actually be the Eagles’ for the taking?

The terrible division is the only reason the Eagles have any semblance of a legit shot at making the playoffs (at least numbers-wise), and if they played in any other division, those odds would likely be at least twice as long. 

As for their chances of winning the conference or the Super Bowl, well, if you are confident throwing your money at that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you…

To win 9/3
Odds | Rank
Odds | Rank
Odds | Rank
Odds | Rank
Super Bowl +2000 | 6th +2600 | 13th +3300 | 16th +6500 | 19th
NFC +1000 | 5th +1300 | 7th +1900 | 10th +3000 | 10th
NFC East +130 | 2nd +165 | 2nd +240 | 2nd +290 | 2nd

To win 10/7
Odds | Rank
Odds | Rank
Super Bowl +6500 | 17th +6000 | 19th
NFC +2200 | 8th 2500 | 10th
NFC East +140 | 2nd +120 | 2nd

Player awards

At the beginning of the year, we had Carson Wentz’s MVP odds listed here and it was a reasonable expectation that he would at least stay in the race for a large part of the regular season. After three weeks, his chances of winning the award plummeted to +8000 according to FanDuel. Since then, after a much better performance in Week 4, he moved up just a bit to +6000, still incredibly long odds. But now, he’s on the verge of being taken off the board after throwing two more interceptions in Week 5. His odds are currently +15000, tied for the fourth longest of any NFL player.

We also looked at Jalen Reagor’s odds for Offensive Rookie of the Year, which opened at +2800 according to But the Eagles placed him on IR on last week after he injured his thumb against the Rams back in Week 2. He’s likely out until at least November, and will be lucky to finish with double-digit games played this season. That, coupled with the fact that his team (and his quarterback) flat out stinks right now, likely spells the end of his candidacy.


Player props

Before the season, our Matt Mullin took a look a five over/under stats from and took a stab at predicting if the Eagles would exceed their listed milestones. Here’s where they currently stand after three weeks:

[Note: For comparative purposes on the percentages, the Eagles are currently 31.25% of the way through their season, so if a player is above that, they’re on pace to exceed their total.]

Sanders yards from scrimmage: 30% 

So far: 413 | Projection: 1,375.5

Sanders missed Week 1 with an injury and is extremely close to getting on the exact right pace to reach our number. Sanders had 80 rushing yards and 19 more through the air in Pittsburgh to keep up with his projected season total.

Wentz passing TD: 22% 

So far: 6 | Projection: 27.5

Wentz has had mixed levels of success through the season’s first five games, and there was at one point a concern he wouldn’t play well enough to even finish the season as the starter. Despite throwing nine interceptions to six touchdowns it appears he’s steadied a bit, and if he can eliminate some of the bad decisions he made early in the year and throw just around two touchdown passes per game he has a chance to reach the projected total.

Reagor receiving yards: 14.8%

So far: 96 | Projection: 650.5

This is a real shame, as Reagor was ahead of schedule through two weeks, but he also has no realistic chance of passing this number now that he’s gone on IR.

Zack Ertz receiving TDs: 15% 

So far: 1 | Projection: 6.5

Ertz still has just one touchdown on the season, which he caught in the opener against Washington. Over the last two games the tight end has caught just five of 11 targets for a measly 15 yards and no touchdowns. Ertz and Wentz need to right the ship, and fast, if Ertz has any chance at reaching seven TDs.

Eagles wins: 10.5% 

So far: 1 | Projection: 9.5

According to, FanDuel has actually dropped the Eagles’ projected win total to 6.5 after their 1-2-1 start. They are now off the board. Yuck. 

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