Latest Eagles' playoff odds and player props heading into Week 12

It’s utterly ridiculous that this article is still relevant with the Eagles sitting at 3-6-1 right now. 

But they are still, technically until Thursday, in first place in the NFC East, and for anyone with any kind of confidence in a turnaround (and if you have confidence, please reach out and tell us why…) there are several interesting season long prop bets worth examining surrounding the team as it prepares for Week 12 against the hated Seahawks.

And while the team as a whole is disappointing, the individual accolades are even worse, as the team’s star players have played like anything but. The common theme around the top bets we’re about to break down is they they are mostly “technically still possible.” Not likely, or even probable — but that’s where we are in 2020.

And so, let’s take a look at the latest future odds and player props from, from postseason chances to award winners and season stats as the Eagles look to surprise everyone, beat Seattle, and reclaim first place come Monday.

Playoff chances

Really all you need to know for this section is that the NFC East is a combined 12-27-1, and they’ve been out-scored this season by 185 total points. 


After starting the season just behind Dallas for the best odds to win the division, they jumped into first place after a slow start and continue to hold onto it, though as you can see below, their odds have decreased considerably as all three NFC East teams now have exactly three wins.

Just how sports books can justify saying that there are 16 teams worse than the Eagles, with regard to odds of winning the Super Bowl is astounding for anyone who has watched the Birds play the last few weeks. 

Here’s how they’ve been trending…

To win 10/20
Odds | Rank 
Odds | Rank 
Odds | Rank
Odds | Rank
Super Bowl +6600 | 19th +4000 | 13th +6000 | 16th +8000 | 16th
NFC +2800 | 10th  +1700 | 7th +2500 | 7th +4000 | 7th
NFC East +135 | 2nd  -275 | 1st -163 | 1st +155 | 1st

Player awards

At the beginning of the year, we had Carson Wentz’s MVP odds listed here and it was a reasonable expectation that he would at least stay in the race for a large part of the regular season. His odds have plummeted every single game, and for the first time this year, at least at, Wentz is finally off the board. Two weeks ago his chances were +15000. And now, after his horrible performance against the Browns, he’s been deemed statistically too bad to win the MVP. Took long enough…

We also previously looked at Jalen Reagor’s odds for Offensive Rookie of the Year, which opened at +2800 according to But the Eagles placed him on IR on a few weeks ago after he injured his thumb against the Rams back in Week 2. He’s returned and scored a touchdown against the Cowboys and was also a regular target of Wentz in Weeks 10 and 11, but the ROY race is now likely Justin Herbert’s to lose.

Miles Sanders has played very well when on the field, but his injuries have ended any realistic chance he had at winning Offensive Player of the Year or MVP himself. His Offensive Player of the Year chances are +8000 right now, behind 39 other players. 


Player props

Before the season, our Matt Mullin took a look a five over/under stats from and took a stab at predicting if the Eagles would exceed their listed milestones. Here’s where they currently stand after three weeks:

[Note: For comparative purposes on the percentages, the Eagles are currently 62.5% of the way through their season, so if a player is above that, they’re on pace to exceed their total.]

Sanders yards from scrimmage: 51% 

So far: 701 | Projection: 1,375.5

Sanders is behind pace, obviously, but he is still in the mix to reach this preseason goal. He needs to compile 675 yards of offense, running and receiving, and he has six games to do it — which would be just over a 110 yards per game pace. With the lackluster defenses of the Seahawks and Cowboys still on the schedule, there could be a breakthrough performance or two left this year.

Wentz passing TD: 51% 

So far: 14 | Projection: 27.5

Wentz threw two touchdown passes in Week 11 (but also two interceptions — he has 14 of those as well). He leads the NFL in turnovers and has been the worst starter in football, statistically and there’s a chance Philadelphia may decide to give Jalen Hurts a look at quarterback. Which means Wentz is reaching do-or-die territory. He needs to throw 14 touchdown passes in six games (2.3 per game) to eclipse his preseason over/under, which is a task Wentz, in his former iterations would surely be up for, but the 2020 version of Wentz has been far from confidence inspiring. 

Reagor receiving yards: 32.4%

So far: 211 | Projection: 650.5

Reagor has an outside chance of reaching this milestone despite having missed five games this season. He will need to stay completely healthy and haul in at least 73 yards per game for the rest of the way. The opportunity is there, but he’s yet to put it together as a go-to receiver for Wentz yet.

Zack Ertz receiving TDs: 15% 

So far: 1 | Projection: 6.5

Ertz has been designated to return from the IR and could be back in practice sometime very soon. If he is able to appear in the Eagles final six games, he could potentially become a red zone workhorse and haul in a touchdown in each game — but it’s probably not likely as he was far from impressive when he was healthy earlier this season.

Eagles wins: 31.5% 

So far: 3 | Projection: 9.5

The Eagles have six games left, and even if they somehow beat the Seahawks, Packers, Saints and Cardinals — as well as division foes in Dallas and Washington — they’d still be 9-6-1. That’s the under. This one is a loser.

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