Inside The Phillies Farm System & the 2019 Phillies (PST Show #327)

The Phillies farm system has been unique to us hardcore fans for many years. We’ve seen high and low level prospects move through the system, and now that talent, to an extent, is rather depleted. This week, we wanted to discuss how important the Phillies farm system is to the organization overall, in the future, and how the Lehigh Valley IronPigs are playing a prevalent role as a minor league club. Joining us this week is Kurt Landes, General Manger of the IronPigs who has taken minor league baseball and its experience for fans to another level. Also joining us this week to talk prospects within the farm system as well as what we can expect from the Phillies for the remainder of the 2019 season is Tim Kelly from Phillies Nation and the Locked on Phillies podcast. Lots of Phillies baseball talk this week!

But first, we got into whether or not this 2019 Phillies team reminds us of the 2011 Eagles “Dream Team”. (approx. 5:30)

We then discussed and gave our thoughts on the Eagles backup quarterback position. Will it be Nate Sudfeld or Josh McCown who backs up Carson Wentz when Sudfeld is cleared to play? (approx. 13:00)


This week on the Highbrow Segment, we examined and talked about the overarching consequences of Jay-Z, Roc Nation and the NFL coming together in a partnership, and how that recent “marriage” will affect social justice issues that have been raised with NFL players over the years. (approx. 20:30)

Then on the Lowbrow Segment, we discussed our new top-3 list: our favorite sports toys growing up as kids. (approx. 37:30)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week are two interviews. The first is with Kurt Landes, GM of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Phillies AAA affiliate. We dove into how important the IronPigs have been for minor league baseball, the fan base, and how the ‘Pigs brand has grown over the years. (approx. 51:00)

Then we spoke to Tim Kelly, Editorial Director for and host of the Locked on Phillies podcast. We dove into the Phillies farm system, and what we can expect from the remainder of this 2019 Phillies season. (approx. 1:09:10)

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