By Tom Brennan

The cynics in the local lame-ass media were convinced Daryl Morey would never come to Philly to run the Sixers.

Then, when he was hired 17 days ago the lameos said he would fail because the roster was chock full with too many overpaid players.

So, now that the draft and two trades are in the books, what can they possibly complain about?

It only took one night and Morey has surpassed his counterparts on the Eagles, Phils and Flyers as the best exec in town!

Out went Al Horford and his enormous contract, in came Danny Green, Terrance Ferguson and an $8.6 million trade exception. This cost the Sixers a first-round pick, a second-round pick and the rights to Vasilje Micic.

Morey then managed to add a player who fits perfectly next to the Sixers’ stars. Green will be a part of some dominant defensive lineups this coming season, and when his contract expires next summer Philly will have options it wouldn’t have had with Horford on the books.

Green is also a clear winner. He’s the only player in the NBA coming off back-to-back titles, and instead of spending half a season on a rebuilding Oklahoma City Thunder team, wondering where he’d go at the trade deadline, he’s headed to a contender close to home.


And then there was draft night itself:

At No. 21, the Sixers took Tyrese Maxey, a strong, defensive-minded guard who could be an absolute steal if he develops into as good of a shooter as his free throw percentage suggests he will. Then they traded Josh Richardson and the No. 36 pick to the Dallas Mavericks for Seth Curry, whose stellar shooting and secondary playmaking are desperately needed in South Philly.

At No. 49, the Sixers selected Isaiah Joe, who makes sense on this roster for one screamingly obvious reason: Joe is an elite shooter.

Finally, with the No. 58 pick, the Sixers drafted Paul Reed, a long and athletic big man who just happens to be an analytics darling. Players with his upside are typically not available that late in the draft.