By Sam Bush

Phils manager Joe Girardi is only 55, so he’s way too young to have ever seen Phils legend Dick Allen play live.

But when he was asked by’s Todd Zolecki about Allen’s bona fides for the Hall of Fame, he was emphatic, timed as its is for tonight’s retiring of Allen’s No. 15 in a pregame ceremony .

The Golden Days Committee could have elected Allen into the Hall of Fame in December, but the organization postponed the vote until 2021 due to uncertainties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

MLB Now: Dick Allen

“He’s a Hall of Famer, for me,” Girardi said. “From 1964-74, he had higher wins above replacement than Hank Aaron, Joe Morgan and Carl Yastrzemski. We all know how good those guys are, and they’re all Hall of Famers, and rightfully so. But for 10 years, Dick Allen was a pretty dominant player. To have an OPS in your career over .900, I believe that’s a Hall of Famer. Now, maybe he doesn’t have 500 home runs or 1,500 RBIs, but the man hit .300 seven times, he was an All-Star, he was an MVP, he was a Rookie of the Year. I would vote for him.”