By Steve Kelly

The Sixers fan base is rejoicing this morning because overpaid Al Horford and his bad fit are gone, traded  to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Count Horford’s sister Anna Horford among them.

After deciding to sign with the Sixers in 2019, Horford never criticized his former Celtics teammates.

Horford struggled to mesh with fellow big man Joel Embiid, which often led to a streak of rock-bottom performances for Horford.

The Philly fan base was quick to point out Horford’s putrid performances while noting the near-max contract that he signed in the offseason.

For most fan bases, the idea is always to attract bigger names by showing your current players love, which apparently has never resonated well with Philly. They made sure to let Anna know how they felt about both her and her brother following the breaking news of the trade.


Anna also often showed love for Boston during Horford’s lone season in Philly, which definitely rubbed certain Sixers figures the wrong way. Now, she’ll have to adjust to a Thunder fan base that has been known for having a certain amount of adoration for big men. While he’s not the same All-NBA forward that will post double-doubles nightly, Horford can still provide a consistent level of scoring and rebounding alongside Steven Adams.

Horford, 34, is entering his 14th season in the league with his fourth team. He has averaged 13.9 points along with 8.3 rebounds throughout his career.