Hittin' Season #433: The Phillies and the Theo Epstein Theory

On Episode 433 of Hittin’ Season, John Stolnis and Liz Roscher discuss a recent report by The Athletic’s Jayson Stark on the Phillies beginning the process of replacing Andy MacPhail. Could the Cubs’ Theo Epstein be their ultimate target? If not, who else. Also, why John thinks J.T. Realmuto WILL be a Phillie next season, and our reaction to a Fangraphs poll on 2020 rules changes


Also, we want you to be a part of the show! Call the new Hittin’ Season Hotline and answer this question: Will Andy MacPhail be replaced this off-season and, if so, when? Dial 610-628-2115 and leave a message! The best ones will be played back on a future episode of Hittin’ Season!

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