Grading 10-Years Of Eagles' Drafts (PST Show #358)

As the NFL and Eagles Draft is approaching, this week we reflected on and graded the past 10-years of the Eagles’ drafts. We dissected each draft class, gave our grades and thoughts about why it was a successful or horrible crop of players. A fun exercise!

But first, we dove into and responded to some listener feedback about Veteran Stadium. (approx. 5:30)

Sicking with listener feedback, we responded to an email that outlined major concerns about the Eagles moving forward. (approx. 8:25)

We then talked about whether or not the NBA should postpone their draft until August 1st. (approx. 20:55)

This week on the Highbrow Segment, we discussed whether college coaches – new and old – will have advantages and disadvantages regarding recruiting as their understanding of technology will become a critical part of their team development. (approx. 27:55)


On the Lowbrow Segment, we gave some of our top outbreak and quarantine movies. (approx. 40:55)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is a lengthy discussion about the past 10-years of the Eagles draft classes. First, we discussed what actually constitutes a successful draft class. From there we started the grading of the 2010 Eagles draft class and worked our way up to 2019. A very interesting reflection on different Eagles eras, young players, coaches, and what made and broke teams of the past. (approx. 52:00)

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