Football Scouting, Talent And Who To Draft (PST Show #307)

Football Scouting, Talent And Who To Draft (PST Show #307)

The NFL Draft is almost upon us! Year ’round, football scouts dissect talent in the college ranks to determine if these athletes will be good fits for their respective teams. We wanted to dive into the world of scouting more on this week’s show. To talk about football scouting, talent and the scouting world in general, we brought on Dan Hatman (@Dan_Hatman), Director of Scouting at The Scouting Academy ( We discussed a plethora of great topics where if you’re a fan of the NFL Draft and want more knowledge of the scouting world, it’s definitely an interview you’ll want to hear.

But first, we talked about how the Phillies have opened up their 2019 season, being 4-0 right out of the gate. (1:30)

Then we dove into how this Sixers team has been tough to watch down the stretch toward the end of the season, as well as the issues we’ve witnessed on defense. (8:25)

We then gave our brief thoughts on yet another mediocre and disappointing Flyers season, and how this team needs a restructure. (14:40)

This week on the Highbrow Segment we discussed the subject of MLB’s labor issues as it pertains to arbitration and what path the league is heading down. Might there be an impending strike in the foreseeable future? (22:20)


On our Lowbrow Segment this week (which we dubbed Highbrow Segment Part 2), we discussed e-sports and the new e-sports complex to be built right off of Broad Street at the Philadelphia Sports Complex. (34:05)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an in-depth interview with Dan Hatman from The Scouting Academy. We first discussed how The Scouting Academy has been making an impact in the scouting world. Then we dove right into the scouting process itself. Can scouts do a better job to make sure they are getting the right talent for their teams? We also discussed whether Dan really like as a player as a scout, but held back on a recommendation because that player wasn’t a fit for your organization? As running backs have been devalued overall throughout the NFL, how has that affected how scouts judge players at this skill position? What traits should we be looking at when teams draft an offensive lineman? All of this, and much more this week during our football scouting discussion! (41:30)

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