Expectations For The Flyers (PST Show #361)

The Philadelphia Flyers may be hitting the ice in the foreseeable future as the NHL is looking to open up camps shortly and start the playoffs. But what does that mean for a team that hasn’t been on the ice in some time? This week, Jamey Baskow, writer and contributor at FlyersNittyGritty.com, joined us to talk about expectations for the Flyers, the league as a whole, and much more!

But first, we discussed how the NBA may be looking at Disney World as a location to re-start league play; Former Sixers front office executive, Marc Eversley, will be the Bulls next GM; and how bad is Ben Simmons’ injury? (approx. 3:45)

We then transitioned into some Philly farm system and development talk as the organization is looking at Venezuelan catching prospect Ricardo Perez. (approx. 22:10)

Then we gave our thoughts on how and why Alshon Jeffery is still a member of the Eagles team, and whether Jadeveon Clowney should be signed to the team. (approx. 26:35)

This week on the Highbrow Segment, we talked about some “what ifs” that could have changed the trajectory and history for our beloved Philly sports teams. (approx. 33:35)


On the Lowbrow Segment, it’s “Cohost Questions” where we ask each other some random questions – and this week, they’re personal and not sports-related. (approx. 55:20)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is a lengthy and in-depth interview with Jamey Baskow from Flyers Nitty Gritty. First, we discussed whether or not the NHL Draft should even take place, or if it should be postponed. From there, we talked about how this is a great opportunity for the NHL to market themselves to various audiences when the league starts up play again. Then Jamey gave us his thoughts on recently signed Flyer Linus Sandin and the impact he’ll have in the future. What does Shayne Gostisbehere give this team in the future? All of this and much more this week on the Table! (approx. 59:50)

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