Eagles Wild Card Playoff Game, 2018 vs. Bears

The 2018 Philadelphia Eagles not only miraculously made it to the playoffs, but they’re making an early run as the beat the Chicago Bears in the wild card round at Solider Field by a score of 16-15. With this win, the Eagles will head down to New Orleans to face the Saints in the divisional round next week.
Jeff, Erik and Len broke down this game where we saw a very good defensive performance on the road, yet an up and down offensive performance. Nick Foles threw two touchdowns and two interceptions on the day, while the Eagles running backs only ran for an average of 1.8 yards per carry. While the running game was virtually nonexistent for both teams, both quarterbacks threw the ball 83 total times. The Eagles defense essentially carried the team on their backs for much of the game and accumulated two sacks, seven tackles for a loss and 10 passes defended. Can the Eagles continue to push their way through the playoffs and avenge themselves against the Saints who schooled them during the regular season? We’ll be diving into this upcoming game on our next show.
As always, we gave our breakdown, analysis and takeaways from the game. Plus we also got into the team stats, box score and graded the positions and coaches.


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