Eagles Week 8, 2017 vs. 49ers

The Philadelphia Eagles week 8 game of the 2017 NFL season is now in the books! Still boasting the best record in the NFL at 7-1, the Eagles beat the 49ers at The Linc 33-10. This Eagles team is still sitting atop of the NFC East and NFC itself, continuing to have a healthy division lead. This game was defensive dominated against a truly lesser talented team. However, the front-seven did their jobs and shut down the 49ers offense early. The defensive line only allowed 21 rushing yards up until the 4th quarter. While some may say that Carson Wentz struggled, which is very debatable, the Eagles offensive line had trouble early on, but then made adjustments in the second half. Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz both caught touchdowns in this Eagles victory that was a great home win. As Eagles fans, we are still looking at the best team in the NFL after eight weeks. As always, we gave our analysis and takeaways from the game. We also got into the team stats, box score and graded the positions and coaches.


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