Eagles Week 13, 2017 vs. Seahawks

The Philadelphia Eagles week 13 game of the 2017 NFL season is now in the books as the Birds lost a rough one out in Seattle to the Seahawks by a score of 24-10. Overall, this was a concerted team loss that could be placed on the head coach, quarterback and defense. Mostly, credit needs to be given to Seattle’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, who single-handedly is the reason for his team’s success this season. Four plays of the game changed momentum against the Eagles that favored the Seahawks: the Ronald Darby pass interference calling the first half, the Alshon Jeffery hold call at the goal line, Carson Wentz’s fumble out of the end zone, and the secondary giving up a huge 48 yard play to Doug Baldwin. While stat-wise, the Eagles looked good on the field, their play was sloppy in critical situations that changed momentum to Seattle throughout the game. As always, we gave our analysis and takeaways from the game. We also got into the team stats, box score and graded the positions and coaches.


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