By Harvey Hoffman

The Eagles lost yesterday to the Giants in a game they should have won.

Those words could have been typed right after their other four losses too.

Because, even though the 3-5-1 Birds are still in first place in the NFC East, they are terribly coached.

And it is costing them.

The Philadelphia Eagles are a poorly coached team.

And head man Doug Pederson has no answers.

Let’s hope owner Jeff Lurie has two for Pederson and his staff after the season:


The Giants were 2-7 coming in. But the Eagles looked like they’d never defended a read-option play before, as Daniel Jones ran for a couple touchdowns and had 64 yards on the ground.

Philly is starting to get some offensive players healthy, but still scored very little against a mediocre Giants defense. The Eagles lost 27-17.


The Eagles were outplayed by a 2-7 team. They looked unprepared again. Carson Wentz continued his strange slide, and you have to wonder how much coaching has played into his regression.

The Eagles are still in the mix for a division title because it’s the 2020 NFC East, but there is little doubt anymore:

They are a bad team and it seems unlikely to get better. It’s not like the coaching staff is going to figure it out.