Eagles Look To The Playoffs (PST Show #242)

Even after a 13-3 regular season, questions still persist for this Eagles team as the No. 1 overall seed in the NFC. The Eagles look to the playoffs that are just around the corner. As we await the divisional round, Brandon Lee Gowton (BLG) from BleedingGreenNation.com and the BGN Radio podcast joined us for an in-depth look at this Eagles team, and what this playoff picture has in store for the offense and defense.  It’s a fantastic interview you won’t want to miss!
But first, on the Brief News & Views segment:
1. The Flyers have recalled Tyrell Goulbourne. (6:30)
2. Villanova suffered their first loss of the season. (11:20)
3. Still many questions pertaining to the Sixers and their medical staff. (15:35)
4. The Phillies season is just around the corner. (24:00)
5. Our College Football National Champion prediction. (28:35)
Then we get into our Up or Down segment where we briefly analyze Philly sports figures to determine if their needle is moving up or down. (33:30)
What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is a interview and discussion with BLG, Brandon Lee Gowton, from Bleeding Green Nation and the BGN Radio podcast. First, we discuss the 13-3 regular season and how the fan base has reacted to the fortunes of this Eagles team. From there, we dive into the playoff picture and what teams might be the best matchups for the Eagles. How can the offense survive at the quarterback position, and should the starter be Nick Foles or Nate Sudfeld? We also discussed at length how the Eagles defense has a ton of weight on its shoulders and whether it’ll be a burden when game time rolls around. Will and should we see more Jay Ajayi out of the backfield? All of this and much, much more on the Table this week! (45:05)


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