By Peter Gleason

The NFL has ordered all teams to shut down all in-person team activities next Monday and Tuesday in a memo from league commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero has reported.

All games Sunday, the day before the shutdown, will proceed, as will Monday night’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and Eagles and Tuesday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the memo, the NFL cites concerns about an increasing COVID-19 positivity rate across the country and an understanding that many players and staff members celebrated Thanksgiving with guests from out-of-town. Medical authorities have widely feared a post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 case spike.

“All activities must be conducted virtually [on Monday and Tuesday], with the exception of essential medical treatment and rehabilitation under the supervision of a team physician or athletic trainer,” Goodell said in the memo. “Medical staff and players must continue to comply with the rules outlined in the intensive protocol. Further, players and staff should be reminded that gatherings of any sort outside of the facility are prohibited.”

Essentially, the NFL seems to be hoping that any employee who caught COVID-19 on Thanksgiving won’t become infectious until Monday, unless they’re playing on Monday night or in a game rescheduled from Thanksgiving due to a COVID-19 outbreak.