Says Reuben Frank of NBCSP:

In 2013, the Eagles drafted Lane Johnson and Zach Ertz.

Since then, Howie Roseman’s drafts have landed the Eagles exactly one Pro Bowl player, and that’s Carson Wentz.

The only defensive player Roseman has ever drafted who’s made a Pro Bowl is Fletcher Cox, the 12th pick in the 2012 draft.

Derek Barnett was chosen No. 1 with the 14th pick in 2017, and so far he isn’t Reggie White. More like Snow White.

One defensive Pro Bowler in nine drafts (not counting this year). He’s never found a defensive Pro Bowler after the 12th pick overall.

Wentz is also the only Pro Bowler Roseman has drafted who’ll be in his 20s on opening day next year.

It’s not just J.J. Arcega-Whiteside instead of D.J. Metcalf. This has been happening for years.

Scrounging up functional starters from the late rounds or the practice squad or the waiver wire is fine. But you need stars to win big. Studs. Elite players. And Howie’s failure to deliver star power to this roster has made it virtually impossible for the Eagles to compete on a regular basis with the NFL’s best teams.


Maybe Miles Sanders or Dallas Goedert becomes a full-fledged star, but right now there isn’t a single elite player in his 20s on this roster, and that’s a damning indictment of Roseman’s draft record. Every GM has misses. Every GM has big misses. But you can’t afford to have the big misses without the big hits. Doug Pederson has been awful. Wentz has been terrible. But when you look at the Eagles’ decline, it all starts in the GM’s office.