Do The Phillies Actually Stink? (PST Show #319)

We’re asking the question this week, do the Phillies actually stink? Since the series with the Dodgers where they were swept this team has gone into a downward spiral. Even though they’ve now won three games in a row against the Mets, we still have a ton of questions surrounding this team. It’s what we’re throwing down on the Table this week!

But first, we discussed if the Phillies current state of affairs make us clamor for the coming NFL and Eagles season. (1:30)

We then talked about the “controversy” surrounding the Eagles decision to hold only one public practice during Training Camp, how other NFL teams are doing the same, and charging fans a fee to attend. (4:40)

After that, we dove into some post-Flyers draft talk as we saw GM Chuck Fleeter and the front office pick young talent that gives us hope for the future. (9:45)

Hammering a nail into that optimism, our discussion shifted to the Sixers draft and our concerns about Elton Brand as a GM moving forward. (22:30)


This week on the Highbrow Segment, we talked about an article written on The Athletic about how baseballs are manufactured, being altered year by year, and if it’s good for the game. (30:00)

Then on the Lowbrow Segment, we introduced a fun, new discussion called “Cohost Questions” where the guys answered personal and sports-related questions posed to each other. (38:25)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an in-depth discussion about whether or not this Phillies team actually stinks. We first reflected on the piece by Matt Gelb in The Athletic about how this Phillies team simply is having issues hitting fastballs. This is not a symptom simply happening with this team this season as we can track this back to 2018. We also discussed how the lack of pitching investments during the offseason have come back to bite them. Should the Phillies buy or sell as the trade deadline looms? All of this and much more this week on the Table! (51:55)

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