Critical Moment For MLB & The Phillies (PST Show #366)

This is a critical moment for Major League Baseball and the Philadelphia Phillies. For the Phils, is this 2020 season going to truly be the start of a new era, or will it be just an experiment? We’ve got lots of questions. Joining us this week to help give us some answers is John Stolnis from and the Hittin’ Season podcast. It’s a great interview!

But first, we discussed how the expanded 28 player roster may look for the Flyers when the season resumes. (approx. 4:00)

We then talked about that elephant in the room with regard to the Sixers: Al Horford. Like it or not, he’s essentially the Sixers swing piece. (approx. 12:20)

From there, we dove into which Eagles players need to have a bounce back season for this team to see success. (approx. 18:15)

On the Highbrow Segment this week, we got into how college football programs will face tough choices moving forward. One of those choices is whether or not FBS football programs should drop down to the FCS level amid financial problems as we are still dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. How might this change the dynamics of college football in the future? (approx. 23:20)


This on the Lowbrow Segment, we’ve got a new top-3 list: the best players to wear number 1 on their jersey. (approx. 32:40)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an in-depth interview with John Stolnis from about this critical moment for MLB and the Phillies. Baseball needs to realize that if you’re not around, people will find other things to follow. What should be our level of concern about this? Then we discussed high-leverage relievers in the Phillies bullpen and which pitchers benefited the most from having this time off. Adam Hasley and the centerfield situation. The Phillies drafted Mick Abel with their first pick in the first-round. What kind of prospect will he be in a farm system lacking prospects? All of this and much more this week on the Table! (approx. 42:25)

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