Breakout Players On The Eagles This Season (PST Show #328)

It’s hard to believe the Philadelphia Eagles regular season is almost upon us. Aside from the talent on this team, there are also players who will need to show us a little something more this year. Who’s going to be the “comeback kid” and the “dark horse MVP?” That’s what we’ll be getting into this week on the Table with seven different breakout-based categories. There’s tons of Eagles talk coming to you this week!

But first, we got into some Phillies talk and specifically how bad the organization has been drafting first-round players over the past decade. We also discussed whether or not the Phils should bring up Spencer Howard during the September call-ups. (approx. 6:10)

We then dove into and dissected video that hit the online basketball and Sixers world that featured Ben Simmons shooting…a jump shot! (approx. 13:40)

From there, we talked about a piece that was published this past week in The Athletic that analyzed home field advantage in the NFL. (approx. 19:50)


This week on the Highbrow Segment, we examined how some sports media figures reacted to Andrew Luck’s retirement this past week. We gave our thoughts on Luck’s retirement and how the media, overall, as well as sports commentators insert themselves into the story when it’s not needed. (approx. 25:15)

Then on the Lowbrow Segment, we discussed our own top-3 sports injuries as kids growing up. (approx. 43:30)

What we’re throwing down on the Table this week are the Eagles players we believe fit into seven different breakout-based categories as we look toward this 2019 season. Which player is “under-the-radar” and the next “rising star?” It’s a great discussion this week on the Table! (58:45)

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