About Us

I am a lifelong Philly Sports fan who grew up in South Jersey and purchased the domain in 2006 when I stumbled into it when scouring the internet for information on Eagles latest draft pick (Broderick Bunkley). I have been “planning” and thinking about a vision since then and still haven’t lost my passion for what the site and this community can become. Striving to provide the fans a base of operations for consuming information about their teams and having online / in-person fun while doing it. Building an easy to use portal that presents the most entertaining and informative information from sources all over the internet. Alongside this editorial info, lives historical and current statistical information making the site a great single point reference resource. Interactive sports games to earn Diehard Dollars and bragging rights round out what I hope will be an enjoyable regular visit for the Philly Sports fan.


One of the key differentiators for the site is the Curation service that we are providing behind the scenes to save you time. None of us have time to listen to 3 morning radio shows, endlessly scroll the Twitterverse, and read blogs and listen to podcasts from an endless sea of Philly Sports media sites. We have an expert curator (me for now) that sifts through this information for you. For example if the WIP morning show has a great segment at 9:10 in the morning, I will present the audio file and wrap it with information on how to skip to the entertaining content. Same with blog posts, I will highlight the best, most intriguing portions with a link to the whole story if you want to read. How many times do you waste time on “Click Bait” and fluff pieces? I’m trying to save you that time by presenting content worthy of your attention without any bias for my original content (which will eventually be mixed in with curated items).


Goal once we build something cool is to provide premium memberships that provide access to exclusive events (parties, tailgates, games, meet and greets).


Since accessing the internet via computer seems to have died somewhere between me buying the domain and launching, you can download the Google / iOS apps here (Coming Soon).


Always interested in your feedback on the “vision” so would love to hear from you. See our Contact Us page for details.


Kevin Cravens