A Year Of Playing Catch with Ethan Bryan (PST Show #368)

This week on the show, Ethan Bryan, author of the new book “A Year of Playing Catch,” joined us as he detailed his journey across America, playing catch with individuals of inspiration. He discussed what baseball and playing catch means to him outside the realm of simply a ball and glove. This was one of our favorite interviews because of Ethan’s amazing storytelling.

But first, we dove into how depressed we were watching this World Series, knowing how long it’s going to take the Phillies to get back into contention. (approx. 5:30)

We then talked about how we have likely seen the last of DeSean Jackson in an Eagles uniform and how he career is likely over at this point. Plus our scoring predictions for this week’s Eagles game as they face the Dallas Cowboys. (approx. 10:55)

From there, we went back into the PST vault and brought back our “Up or Down” segment. Is the Eagles secondary trending up or down? Are the Sixers front office moves thus far trending up or down? (approx. 19:20)

This week on the Lowbrow Segment, we’ve got a new top-3 list! We’ve probably seen hundreds of concerts and shows in our lifetime, and purchased many shirts from those shows we went to. This week, our top-3 favorite concert shirts we’ve bought over the years. (approx. 30:35)


What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an incredible interview with author Ethan Bryan who has written books over the years about the game of baseball. However, we focused on his new, inspirational book titled “A Year of Playing Catch” that is truly a work of art. Ethan discussed with us what playing catch not only meant to his journey across America, but what it has meant to his family and his life overall. An amazing discussion to say the least. All of this and much more this week on the Table! (approx. 49:45)

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