A Player's Vote | Matisse Thybulle Casts Ballot Early

Matisse Thybulle has been vocal in recent months about the critical importance of voting, and on Saturday in West Philadelphia, he walked the walk.

With early voting in full swing in Pennsylvania, the rising second-year 76er took full advantage of the opportunity to exercise his civic duty.

“I feel like, with how important this election is, there’s no better time than doing it early,” Thybulle said after casting his ballot at the Alain Locke School early voting location. “I don’t think waiting until the last minute is a good plan.”

“It was an easy, smooth process. They walk you through it. Just make sure you fill in the right bubbles, and seal the right envelopes.”

Whether in press conferences, his YouTube vlog, or on the back of the jersey he wore in Orlando during the NBA’s restart this summer, Thybulle has made a pointed effort to encourage fans to follow his lead to the voting booth.

“I’ve doubled down on it for a while now – [young people] make up such a large portion of our population. We have been so outspoken. So I think coming in and finishing the job – and doing it with your friends – it’s not hard.”

“Take 20 minutes out of your day, and finish all the work that we’ve started. It’s a no-brainer,” Thybulle said.

At the time of publication of this piece, there were 17 early voting locations open across the City of Philadelphia.

“Because of how easy it is, and how many locations there are to get it done, it just felt like the right thing, the seamless thing, to do,” Thybulle added.

From the top to the bottom of the ticket to the ballot questions, Thybulle encouraged voters to be prepared.

“I think it’s important that going into the voting process, you have done your research, and you know what you’re doing,” Thybulle said. “It’s easy to look up – everyone should just get on Google and do their due diligence before stepping in and filling out their ballot.”

He approached voting the way he approaches his work:

“It’s like what we do – you get your practice in before you show up for gametime.” 

Early voting in Philadelphia continues through October 27.

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