By Michael Strong

In his prime, Tom Brady was known for his prime-time bravado.

The stage was never too big for the six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

But that was when he was on the New England Patriots.

Now, 19 years after his rookie season, he is a Tampa Bay Buc.

And it appears he stayed out too late last night.

Brady struggled again in prime time.

His interception to Los Angeles Rams safety Jordan Fuller in the final two minutes, on a deep pass that wasn’t close to intended receiver Cameron Brate, sealed the 27-24 win for the Rams.

The Buccaneers are 1-3 in prime time this season, with only an unimpressive close win over the New York Giants saving them from being winless.


Brady started well, but late at night — long past when the notoriously health-conscious Brady is usually in bed — he made some second-half mistakes and couldn’t drive the Buccaneers to a game-winning score. His interception that ended the Bucs’ chances was startling. It’s not a mistake Brady has made too often, and it’ll bring up more questions about what he has left at 43 years old.