2018 Sixers Postseason Analysis (PST Show #259)

The Sixers didn’t have too hard of a time on the court against the Miami Heat in the opening round of the NBA Playoffs, but they certainly have challenges in front of them now as they’re into conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics. This week, we brought Roy Burton (@TheBSLine) from LibertyBallers.com onboard to discuss the highs and lows of this Sixers team looking to make their mark not just in this playoff race, but the overall NBA as well.
But first, on the Brief News & Views segment:
1. Eagles wide receiver news and notes. (6:50)
2. The Phillies pitching problems. (11:05)
3. The upcoming Flyers and NHL Draft. (22:40)
4. Mike Schmidt and awful broadcasters. (28:35)
Then we get into our Up or Down segment where we briefly analyze Philly sports figures to determine if their needle is moving up or down. (36:35)
What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an interview and discussion with Roy Burton from Liberty Ballers about how this Sixers team is looking throughout the NBA Playoffs. First, Roy gave an overview of the season before we dove into the series against the Heat and how the first game of the semifinals proved that this Sixers team has a lot of work to do. Then the topic turned to Markelle Fultz, if Brett Brown has lost any confidence in his playing ability and what Fultz’s future holds. From there we asked the question, how can this team perform better especially on defense in the upcoming games? Who needs to step up and be a more consistent player on the court? All of this and much more this week on the Table! (43:10)


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