2018 NFC Championship Game Preview & The 5th Quarter (PST Show #244)

We have a great show for you this week. In fact, we’re throwing down TWO interviews on the Table!
First, we talk to Michael D. Ratner, writer and creator of The 5th Quarter, a sports comedy show that premieres January 18th on Verizon Media’s Go-90. The season premiere, The Processor, features Joel Embiid. Michael jumped on our show to discuss what it was like working with Joel on this project and much more. You can view the show here (after midnight, January 18th): https://www.go90.com/shows/6ctvlxrtUHx.
The second interview this week is with Ed Kracz from The Eagles Wire. It’s our 2018 NFC Championship game preview before the big matchup this week – Eagles vs. Vikings at The Linc.
But first on the Brief News & Views segment:
1. Sixers news and notes: J.J. Redick is injured, and our serious concerns about Markelle Fultz. (4:30)
2. The Phillies Caravan rolls through Reading. (14:30)

The two guests that we’re throwing down on the Table this week gave us so much amazing content. First, Michael D. Ratner not only discussed working in the fast-changing world of digital content media, but also how this project with Joel Embiid, titled The Processor, came about. We talked at length about what it’s like to get athletes who, at times, live in a bubble to break out of their shell. Plus much more during our discussion. (21:50)


Then Ed Kracz, writer and contributor at The Eagles Wire, made his way onto the show for our NFC Championship game preview between the Eagles and Vikings. We first talked about the kind of season Doug Peterson and the front office have had. From there, we dove into how dominant the Eagles rushing attack will need to be, as well as the o-line, this coming week to help propel the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Can the defense and secondary stack up against Case Keenum and his wide receiver corps? All of this and much, much more in our preview of the game. (47:50)

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