2017 Flyers Preseason (PST Show #228)

The 2017 Flyers Preseason is here! There is so much young talent on this team, and it’s exciting to see how these players will perform over the next few weeks to see who makes the final Flyers roster. Charlie O’Connor from The Athletic Philadelphia and Broad Street Hockey Radio podcast joined us to take an early look at what this group of hockey players have been doing on the ice.But first on the Brief News & Views segment:1. What will the Phillies do with Cesar Hernandez? (6:05)2. A new era in Temple Football has started. (11:40)3. Eagles Talk: a new left guard after two weeks, and our predictions for week 3 vs. the Giants. (20:00)Then we get into our new Up or Down segment where we analyze four players to determine if their needle is currently moving up or down. (28:15)What we’re throwing down on the Table this week is an interview and discussion with Flyers and hockey analyst Charlie O’Connor. He has been dissecting what this young Flyers team currently consists of during the preseason. During our interview, we talk about players with high expectations and ones who have been disappointing. Who can lead the way for the Flyers on defense this season? And what should our expectations be for the goalie situation this coming season. All of this and much, much more on this week’s show. (36:50)


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